Quilt Show 2014

Quilt Show 2014

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Shibori Day

Indigo Day at Linda's

Dye buckets ready...

Ably mixed by Pam.

Using different Shibori methods to produce patterns.

Couldn't wait to submerge our first efforts.

Waiting, waiting.  When they come out of the dye they are a yellow/green and as they hang in the sun the blue emerges.

The magic is revealed as we unwrap and undo our packages of  material.

The results of folding and sewing and tying drying in the sun.

It was lovely to spend the day together.  These pictures don't tell the whole story.  We had to dodge heavy showers and fight the blustery wind.

It didn't take away from the beautiful garden and view from Linda's garden.

Workshop with Gail Lawther - Cottage Gardens

With friends from other quilting groups we enjoyed a day with Gail learning about applique and free motion machining. 

After choosing the flower templates from those provided by Gail, we collected together suitable fabric, traced the outlines onto Bondaweb or an equivalent fabric and transferred it onto the material.

Careful cutting out was needed and then the artistic work began with the laying out of the design.

Gail gave us some tips about how to easily remove the bondaweb ( scratch with a pin to break the static seal).

Once happy with the layout of the design they were pinned minimally to the layered background ( to stop the design flying off on the transfer to ironing board) ready to be ironed on.

Then we learnt about free motion stitching to sew around the edges of all the shapes.  The good thing was that it wasn't important to be really accurate as when you have gone around the outline several times the thread creates a great effect.

If you are interested in Gail's work follow the link below:

Monday, 19 August 2019

Quilt Show 2019

Quilt Show 2019
1st and 2nd June

Once again we have had a very successful show, taking place over two days on one of the sunniest weekends of the summer.   The good weather didn't deter the dedicated quilters, families and friends who came to see what we had produced over three years of hard work 


Our raffle was in aid of Admiral Nurses (Dementia UK).  We had a representative at the show to give information to visitors about this little known charity.   A hamper of local produce and a quilt made by the group were raffled.

There were over 30 brand new quilts showing a range of blocks and styles.

.....from intricate

... using up 2.5 inch strips 




..... to totally scraps of all sizes.

Visitors were asked to vote on their favourite quilt.....

This wonderful quilt was voted best in show; double sided and completely hand sewn.  A work of dedication, well done Jo.
We were able to make a donation of £500 to Admiral Nurses for work in our area and also a donation to the hall fund for new windows.

To see all the beautiful quilts that were in our show, please follow the link below: